Barcamp Saigon 2014 is on!

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Your beloved biggest unconference in town is back!

In 2013, we successfully put together the biggest Barcamp ever in Vietnam with more than 3.000 registrations and 1.700 attendants. The event attracted a diverse crowd with students, professionals, IT enthusiasts, non-profits, corporate sponsors, employers, recruiters, the technology press, educators, and bloggers. A significant portion came from foreign countries.

BarCamps of the past have been wildly successful in introducing new startups, new products, and new ideas as well as connecting like-minded people in the world of technology. And we would love to carry on the tradition this year. The same team that brought you Barcamp Saigon 2013 and Techcamp 2014 proudly presents Barcamp Saigon 2014.

The event will be held on Sunday 14th December 2014. We are working with venue sponsors and will let you know right when the venue is confirmed.

For now, please like our Facebook Page for all of our updates.

You have something to share?

Great, we would love to hear from you. Please register your topic at  for a free T-shirt and other goodies.

You will also be able to check out the list of topics for Barcamp this year from Wednesday 5th November onward.

Please notice that final topics will be selected by an on-site election on the event day by both stickers and our Barcamp mobile apps. More than ever, your opinions matter!


Have a question about the event? Looking to help out? Feel free to drop us an email at barcamp(at)barcampsaigon(dot)com or send us a tweet.